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Society has crumbled. All that is left is the Filmageddon! Join Frank Soldato, Adam Grundy, Blair Treacy, and Luke Ibbetson as they discuss films they don’t know the title of and actors they confuse for other people. 

Hosts of the biggest film quiz in the world (trust us). We're LIVE at The Prince Charles Cinema, or on our Twitch weekly.

May 24, 2017

Quizmaster Frank Soldato and owner of one BA Hons. Adam Grundy discuss the recent passing of Sir Roger Moore, as well as film news including such click-bait titles as 'Universal's Dark Universe...Universe!?', 'Spider-man Homecoming's spoiler-ridden trailer?', and 'More Sequels To Shit We Don't Need!'.

They also discuss...

May 11, 2017

Quizmaster Frank Soldato and sexual deviant Adam Grundy wax lyrical about all the properties currently in development, including Hellboy, Spider-man, Deadpool & Judge Dredd's TV series.

They're also ALL FLU'D UP so enjoy the blocked noses and sniffles!

We are as ever hugely thankful to Dark Bunny Tees, The Prince...