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Society has crumbled. All that is left is the Filmageddon! Join Frank Soldato, Adam Grundy, Blair Treacy, and Luke Ibbetson as they discuss films they don’t know the title of and actors they confuse for other people. 

Hosts of the biggest film quiz in the world (trust us). We're LIVE at The Prince Charles Cinema, or on our Twitch weekly.

May 30, 2019

Guess what. May is over. Pull your pants up, the trauma will set in ten years later. Us FILM FANS are heading in to June, but what the hell is even on at the cinema?
‘Quizmaster’ Frank Soldato and ‘Not Quizmaster’ Adam Grundy, talk about all the films coming out in the month of June. The month of our Lord. The...

May 23, 2019

In a rare "wait, that's telly, not film" episode, Frank Soldato and Blair Treacy give their FINAL thoughts on the FINAL episode of GAME OF THRONES, a very popular television programme loved by trillions (aliens and ghosts count). The lads discuss the end of the show, the reception from die hard fans and sad losers who...

May 17, 2019

Here we are again. Frank Soldato, Adam Grundy,and a returning Blair Treacy sit down and run through what they thought of that Oscar-bait little indie film called POKEMON: DETECTIVE PIKACHU. Where they excited? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? Like the Thunder Punch of an Electabuzz, the Filmageddon team cover some hard-hitting...

May 9, 2019

Filmageddon, now risen from it's podcasting grave, continues to wander the Earth in search of film-flesh to feast upon.
This week, Frank Soldato and Adam Grundy review the new British zombie horror flick 'Shed of the Dead', which is set to debut at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival.

Tickets for the May 18th Premiere...

May 3, 2019

It takes nine months to create human life. It takes eight months for a new episode of the Filmageddon podcast to finally crawl from the womb of shite cinema and present itself, completely billy bollocks, to you. Ta-daa. Oh my god why does it look like that!?

Welcome to the bandwagon ‘cause this is an AVENGERS...