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Society has crumbled. All that is left is the Filmageddon! Join Frank Soldato, Adam Grundy, Blair Treacy, and Luke Ibbetson as they discuss films they don’t know the title of and actors they confuse for other people. 

Hosts of the biggest film quiz in the world (trust us). We're LIVE at The Prince Charles Cinema, or on our Twitch weekly.

Jan 25, 2020

What a week it's been in cinema. Whether you're in your favourite art house or on your couch, there has been a lot to watch.

Frank Soldato and Adam Grundy return of course, but also the prodigal son, an OG of the Filmageddon Podcast Mr. Luke Ibbetson is BACK. Where's he been? Making a film. Yes, little boy blue has become a writer/director/award winner and is here to talk a little bit about his experience, before we move on to some juicy film talk.

This week: 1917, 6 Underground, Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator, The Lighthouse, and some of those Digimon Tri films. *sigh*

There's also time for an inaugural game of WHO SAID IT? Wyatt Russell or a Digimon? Find out who wins...

We're back at The Prince Charles Cinema on Wednesday February 12th (that's the new date - see our twitter for more info) for our live Filmageddon Film Quiz. For tickets and details, go here: