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Society has crumbled. All that is left is the Filmageddon! Join Frank Soldato, Adam Grundy, Blair Treacy, and Luke Ibbetson as they discuss films they don’t know the title of and actors they confuse for other people. 

Hosts of the biggest film quiz in the world (trust us). We're LIVE at The Prince Charles Cinema, or on our Twitch weekly.

Nov 16, 2020

"I will not concede!" - the cries of a sad, bloated, racist narcissist  jabroni hell-bent on lining his own pockets and the pockets of his backers before he is sent packing.

Trump is on his way out, proving once again Filmageddon can out-live a presidency. Four more years? Perish the thought of still typing these episode descriptions out well in to my mid 30's upsets me.
But there are a lot of iconic Presidents throughout cinematic history. Is Boss Nass a President? What makes a good President (in film)? The Filmageddon team this week discuss. President Frank Soldato. Prime Minister Luke Ibbetson. Chancellor Adam Grundy.

We're doing a live quiz on December 2nd 2020. It's a massive end-of-year thing, and you will have fun - or else we're gonna have to get creative with your death.
Join us at 8pm 2nd December