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Society has crumbled. All that is left is the Filmageddon! Join Frank Soldato, Adam Grundy, Blair Treacy, and Luke Ibbetson as they discuss films they don’t know the title of and actors they confuse for other people. 

Hosts of the biggest film quiz in the world (trust us). We're LIVE at The Prince Charles Cinema, or on our Twitch weekly.

May 20, 2016

With Frank Soldato away on real life business, quizzlings Adam Grundy and Luke Ibbetson discuss the newest X-Men film, 'X-Men Apocalypse', before taking a look back at all the old X-Films in the X-Universe and giving a well-balanced view on things, before they remember just how bad was in Origins: Wolverine.

This review is totally spoiler-free, mainly because Luke hasn't seen it yet. HOWEVER, give it a listen, go watch it, then let us know what you think, yeah? We'll be back with some more podcasts soon where the three mutants/guys will give it their final verdict. character trailer and one Adam made. 

Our next quiz is Thursday 23rd June 2016 at the Prince Charles Cinema and it's our FIRST EVER 'Inspired By...' quiz. What's an 'Inspired By...' film quiz? Well, we'll be asking questions all about the 2009 film 'Moon' by Duncan Jones. Moon themed, with a hint of some Duncan Jones trivia, Sam Rockwell, space, the moon etc. You get it!

PLUS if that's not all, or if your memory isn't too hot on Moon (shame on you) then Filmageddon are showing Moon RIGHT BEFORE THE QUIZ at 6.15pm. So get your tickets for both and be in with a chance to win some amazing prizes from the absolute leetsters at Dark Bunny Tees, who have got a new and exclusive Moon range (including a sweet as hell Bundle pack!). There'll be loads to win on the night, we're super excited!

Tickets are available on the Prince Charles Cinema website and at the box office. Don't miss out!

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